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The Looney Legacy Foundation was founded in the memory of Peter Looney, who passed away in December 2011 following a four month battle with Melanoma.

Peter was a dear friend, teacher, and mentor to many during his life.  He spent most of his time coaching and supporting hundreds of student athletes of all ages.  His passion and determination was an inspiration to all who knew him.  “His enthusiasm was contagious.”

Peter was diagnosed with stage four Melanoma in late August 2011. Throughout his diagnosis and treatment, Peter wanted to ensure that his experience would, somehow, contribute to the advancement of research, and eventual cure, for this deadly form of cancer.  His family formed this foundation to keep Peter’s wishes alive, and to do everything possible to help find a cure, and promote the prevention of Melanoma.

The Looney Legacy Foundation - P.O. Box 284 - East Freetown, MA  02717   looneylegacy@gmail.com

501(C)3 TAX ID # 45-4151788

Visit us on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Looney-Legacy-Foundation/107339596069961


The First sign of Melanoma is often a change in the size, shape, or color of a mole.  But melanoma can also appear on the body as a new mole.http://www.melanoma.com/whatis.html
Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer.  It begins in skin cells called melanocytes.  Though melanoma is predominantly found on the skin,  it can even occur in the eye.http://www.melanoma.com/whatis.html